Sunday, March 15, 2009

I hate tags, but alas I am bored...

1. Name one object that brings up good recollections of your very young childhood (4 years and below).
Well... I DO recall a small penguin plush toy that was given to me by MAS while en route to Seattle( first class BTW). I remember calling it " Toink-Toink" ( for whateva weird reason, I don't know...) I was quite fond of it... until I lost it quite recently..... So, yeah. that is the story of my Toink-Toink...

2. How old were you when you first started using the computer or TV?

Well... Unlike many " modern day kids", I didn't get to touch the com until about 4. And it was only educational games like jump-start. For the TV, well, there was no escaping it. However, I was only allowed to watch BARNEY!!!!! and SESAME STREET!!!!... I still remember those days... sigh

3. Did you enjoy any form of vegetables/fruits you were willing to eat when you were 4 and below, but hate now?

Nope. I don't really hate any kind of food. The only exception would be durian, but I didn't like it then, and I certainly don't like it now.

4. Were there any foods you disliked when you were young, but love now?

Definately... MUSHROOMS!!!

5. What was the first fad you had? (e.g. Transformers, animals, Barney, Bob the Builder, Star Wars, Hot Wheels)

I have fats??? LOL Jk... Anyway, I used to like lego... and more lego... and even more lego... etc.etc
6. Did you enjoy your first day at school (or kindergarten)?

7. Have you ever enjoyed reading? What was the first book you ever read by yourself (or were forced to read)?

I was force-fed peter and jane.( Sad ain't it?)

8. How heavy were you when you were just born?
A sad little 2.9 kgs...I think it reflects on my current size...

I hereby tag Tim( Sim), Chloe, Suwen, and, for the sake of randomness, JOSH KAM!!! ANYONE ELSE THAT READS THIS POST ( YES, you)


Joshua said...

V. funny! I love reading about these young childhood memories.

Force-fed Peter and Jane, hmm...

BLCS93 said...

FARNEH Very FARNEH la!!! Yes I was force-fed.... as in stuffed down my throat... the next vicTIM was Tim.... XD!!

Joshua said...

Vat a Shame, ja, ja. . .