Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back.... and its 2013. What has happened in 3 years?

Wow... I'm back in Blogger. I'm personally quite surprised at myself since I thought I'd leave this blog to die due to lack of attention. But let's try to do a summary of all that has happened since my last post in 2010. 
Its now 2013, and a LOT has happened. Let's see:

2010: Entered college, and had a LOT of lessons learnt. Matured in both thinking, and physical skills. One major memory was when I dropped Psychology due to the fact that I couldn't accept what was being said about the human mind. The lecturer was most kind, and said this to me: "A wise person understands, but does not have to accept". I have never forgotten that.

2011: Messed up my AS units, and learnt humility the hard way. Fought to regain confidence and momentum to pass the A-Levels, and by God's grace (Cliched term, but definitely true) I passed. After that, I spent 8 months not doing much, but did spend a month working for my uncle. ( I assembled SMATV antennae with him, and I learnt some stuff about the signals side of construction). I also spent 10 days in Cambodia with some children from underprivileged homes. Again, another year passed that I learnt a LOT of lessons on maturity and character

2012: Started Uni in March, I'm now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (BSc. Food Sci/Tech). I learnt several things:
1) Times New Roman is quite nice as a font. It grows on you. So is a Justified allignment. FYI, I really love the way science cites stuff as well (Nerdmax, 2012) 
2) Studying alone helps to a certain point. But, the addition of friends to the studying helps tremendously (Ok fine, we do chat and laugh a lot, but ah well, we get the job done :P )
3) I LOVE science, but HATE exams

2013:  Worked for a month in MCKL Marketing Office and learnt a lot of lessons on how to handle people and situations. It was also a great way to learn how God puts me in places for definite reasons. Through a friend in MCKL I was introduced to a company that offered me an internship for my year end commercial attachment. I don't think it's luck, I think it's God. AND, I started Year 2...IT.WAS.TERRIBLE. Long hours, tough lectures, and tough labs. However, again by God's grace, I made it out alive. I'm currently waiting to start Sem 2. And that's where I am now.

It can be definitely concluded that I've changed a lot since 2010. I've matured, and expanded my view of life and approaches to situations and people. I've learnt a lot, and experienced a lot. Let's see how it goes from now on ;)

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