Thursday, December 4, 2008

My kindergarten trip....

Holidays can do strange things to a person... Take me as an example. Today, I was sitting around in the morning and was just daydreaming. Then, out of a sudden, I felt a weird impulse to revisit my old kindergarten. so, I asked my mum. Fortunately, she didn't think that I was mad. After lunchtime, we started off. As we were happily driving, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye... It was my old foe the spider! Somehow, I never really liked spiders. So, anyway, after trying to kill (or avoid) it, it disappeared down the aircond duct. So, for the rest of the journey there, I kept an eye out for it. In about 10 minutes after the incident, we arrived at the my old 'kindy'. I got out of the car with my dad's DSLR. I took several shots of the outside, but, just as I was about to see who was able to let me in, the sky darkened and I decided to leave. I was quite happy with my shots. Then, as we went home, I took a random picture of a housing road that had a pink house. It looked quite cute, so I took out my cam, and shot it. Just after that, my mum saw the spider and squashed it. So, I now have a thoroughly happy ending!!


Joshua said...

Hi Ben! So this is your blog! Good background! The picture under the title is your house's roof, right?

How are your kindergarten memories? Did you have any favorite teachers/friends?
Just wondering.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben! Is that HLLC Kindergarten?

BLCS93 said...

TO josh: Nope, I didn't have any specials.
TO AGK( allgodskids) Yes it is!!! How didja know???

Anonymous said...

I usually go there every Saturday.