Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am feeling very confused about the movie 'Twilight'. What is so special or interesting about such a movie?
I mean, is there something that I am missing?
Missing something like maybe the supposed romance between the vamp and the girl?(personally, this sounds similar to 'Beauty and the Beast' except that, this time, the beast is hidden in a man. Not a man hidden in a beast)
Or am I missing the thrill when the Cullens 'cull' another 'non-vegetarian' vampire?

My sincerest apologies to Twilight fans. Maybe I'm just too old to enjoy such age-old love themes...


Timothy said...

Pfeh. Don't worry Ben, you aren't missing anything. A couple of my friends dragged me into watching Twilight without telling me they were watching Twilight.. I wasted one and a half hours and ten bucks. The only thing I might have got out of watching the movie is trauma. :P

Joshua said...
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Audrey said...

ok, since when did you have a blog?? and yeah.. twilight sucks! fight the power. i went to see it with my friends. bella is annoying and emo. edward looks constipated.