Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My clarinet and others...

Here are the events from 3rd Febuary onwards...
1) 3rd Febuary: Piano tuner came, after tuning, he looked at my clarinet and casually remarked that his dad serviced and repaired clarinets.
2) 3rd Febuary: In my clarinet class, I dropped it! Anyway, one key was misaligned... Fortunately, the piano tuner said something about his father repairing clarinets... After calling him, there was nothing else to do except wait for him to come and pick it up
3) 6th Febuary: Clarinet serviceman came and took it away from me!! (*emo look*)
4) 8th Febuary: while in church, my parents called and told me that the clarinet was HOME!!!!
5) 8th Febuary: While still in church, Tim Sim came up and gave me a present (thanks Tim!)
When I went home, i opened it and it was a LOL tees shirt!!!!
6) 8th Febuary: went to class party, celebrated Ghuan's birthday, and found my name on Ghuan's birthday cake as well...
7) 8th Febuary: Recieved a present from my class!!( thanks to Darren and Khiing) Another t-shirt!!! WOW!!
8) 9th Febuary: When I went to class (BTW, I was wearing the t-shirt that the class gave) I recieved a gift from Joey and Quincy ( thanks guys!)
So... That is what has been happening since 3rd Febuary!!

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