Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reasons NOT to blog...

Yeah, that's right. This is MY top ten list of reasons NOT to blog (all 'cause I'm feeling random):
10) I don't like the colour, so I want to stop blogging
9) I like reading about other people's problems, NOT my own
8) I am emo and sensitive, people will only laugh at me if they read my blog. *emo look*
7) I like disturbing others. BUT, I don't like them disturbing me.
6) There is a possibility that I might get a nasty comment, and I don't know how to delete it!!
5) I might accidentally make myself look bad
4) I might accidentally insult someone
3) I'm scared that I might get carried away and say something that looks like ****
2) My parents can watch my every step online
1) I'm just too lazy!!!

Well, this list is just a random piece of randomness... so, yeah, I'm still going to blog


Joshua of Tyatora said...

If anybody does insult/post-mean-comment your blog, you can actually delete it. You just have to log in to your blog, and when you view your blog, you can see a delete option under every comment you have received.

I think. But it's worth a shot.
Besides, if anybody does post a mean comment, you have fervent support from me! I'm pretty sure you'll get support from oyur fans.

God bless,
Joshua of Tyatora

BLCS93 said...

Yeah... I know I can delete, but there wiill be a sign saying, "Post deleted by author" or something like that. I don't like it, cos it makes me look and sound EMO!!!! LOL
Ben, Lameness and Randomness KING!!!
( My new title)