Monday, June 1, 2009

Reality TV-The Modern Gladiator Arena

We look at the gladiator games of Ancient Rome and we say, "Oh my, this is so bloody and sadistic. I'm glad we are more civilized now."
But, we are NOT! The human race, instead of growing more civilized and humane, has become more complicated in their sadistic pursuits. We 'entertain' ourselves by watching innocent men and women tear each other up emotionally and psychologically. I am talking about Reality TV
Is this not the same sadism that drove the Romans to create the Gladiator arenas? Aren't we enjoying these shows in the same way that the Romans enjoyed their brutal fights? Are we so addicted to the bloodless battles that these people fought that we ignore their humanity? Why do we enjoy the back-stabbing and silent wars that are fought between these contestants?
We have indeed become as demented as the Romans. The end of our society is near...

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