Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Computer Destroying My Family Time?

For many of us, the computer is just a tool we use to connect with friends and, sometimes, extended family. But, do we realize that the computer is taking away our time with our IMMEDIATE family? I sometimes fail to realize that the one hour I spend on the computer is another precious hour robbed from my family time. I also fail, at times, to realize that the computer is ADDICTIVE. This sad fact is even more true with the internet and portability of laptops.
Like drugs, the computer is GREAT to use and to play with. And, like drugs, it gets boring after awhile. But, since I am in denial that I'm addicted to the computer, I just return to it insted of getting help. And, the addiction continues.
Although the computer itself is dangerous, it is even more disastrous when it is coupled with the internet. The internet is just as deadly as the computer, and, just like the computer, it is ADDICTIVE. I can't count the number of times where I have, instead of spendind quality time with my family, spent useless and purposeless hours with the computer. The internet is so destructive because it gives me another personality that is everything I want to be but am not. In other words, I get to pretend to be someone else. This other person that I am is one that is popular, attractive, fun, and secure. In other words, this second personality is just a facade and a mask to hide my insecurity. I get to become a fake person. I have a personality that is "pirated". As we all know, most of the time, pirated goods may SEEM good on the outside, but do not withstand a more detailed inspection. It is impossible to ever be secure through a shortcut. Our security, if it is formed through covering up cracks in out personality, will NEVER withstand a detailed inspection of who I am. How dangerous a false personality can be.
My family, on the other hand, can offer me security. My parents, much as I hate to admit, build my personality. I become a better person when I learn from my parents. Siblings cause rivalry, and develop personalities. Without doubt, even though we have rough times, I will not hesitate to defend my brother with whatever force necessary. Be it in words, or blows.
The computer is a tool, but a dangerous tool. It can be used for building up a relationship, or isolating myself from the world. The internet can be used for connecting with friends, but it can rob me time from my family. I must use these tools with caution. I must remember to control it and not let it control me. I have had enough of this addiction. Breaking free is tough, but I must.

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